TCC Perspectives: Three of Our Newest Members


Nome, Alaska, USA

It would feel presumptuous talking “numbers of countries” with people who didn’t have a passion for travel, but among TCC members it’s no big deal.

I did my medical training as a doctor in Kansas, El Salvador and Mexico before we had email or easy communication to arrange study in locations outside of my Kansas medical school. Currently, I move from my main practice in Nome, Alaska to also work as a licensed physician in Kansas, New Zealand and Guam.

I have a pretty good idea about rural life in New Zealand after living there for several years, but I would like to know more about Myanmar — not just the travel, but also the medical schools and health care facilities they offer.

On my craziest travel weekend two years ago (a Friday to Monday), I had dinner on four different continents.


Annapolis, Maryland, USA

I feel so lucky every time I travel, as the world expands and it’s such a pleasure to connect with other cultures. There is so much to look forward to by learning and sharing with fellow sojourners.

Antarctica’s beauty captured my soul. I was there a year and a half ago and am still wildly enthusiastic. In the silence of a kayak, you can hear the earth breathe!

I hope to meet other travelers who can offer information about gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda, and hear your experiences about Eastern Europe.

When asked, “What is unique about me?” I am a situs inversus — my organs (heart, liver, etc) are reversed. From an anatomical perspective I’m a mirror image of everyone I know.


Dana Point, California, USA

Being a member means associating and making friends with people who are as passionate about travel and the way it enlarges our perspective of the world as I am.

I have lived and worked in Vietnam and know a great deal about the country — its many facets from Lao Cai in the far north to Phu Quoc in the far south. I can help members with tips on how to experience Vietnam’s unique charm, historic and cultural sites, and places to eat its incredible and varied cuisine.

Ethiopia is the one country that has always intrigued me. I haven’t visited there yet but would love to know more about it.

I’ve written two novels, one of which was optioned by Hollywood. (Cate Blanchett’s agent optioned my novel Shadow Emperor.)  I also write travel articles.

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