June 2021 Arkansas Chapter Update

Those present were: front row, left to right: Fazia Gaughran, Nilofer Ali, Elke Gilbert, Linda Bell, Linda Lou Burton, Amy Imler, Cora Brannon, Sandie Lubin; back row, left to right: Steven Clift, Marcia Bingham Clift, Clarence Imler, Tim Gaughran, and Bill Woolley.
The Arkansas TCC Chapter met on July 12 at the home of Marcia and Steven Clift. The topic was favorite ideal travel mate. The adjectives included compassionate, flexible, varied interests, able to entertain yourselves at times, and compromising on early risers and late risers. And the all-time winner: a sense of humor. A book entitled I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson in 1942 was suggested for the married couples. Then the other end of the spectrum — preferring to travel alone and never feeling lonely. Others needing a companion to share moments together. “Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.” Guests enjoyed a stroll through the gardens.
Charles Merkel was very present on a 5 Stan’s Zoom and missed the group photo, but he is captured in this solo photo.

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