Meet Mark and Sylvia Russell: Our New Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana Chapter Coordinators

Married for 38 years, Mark and Sylvia Russell had separate beginnings in travel.

Mark lived in Stuttgart, Germany, and used the Eurail pass to visit almost all of Europe. Sylvia flew to South America, Europe, and Asia in the glory days of Braniff, with the painted airplanes and uniforms by Pucci and Halston. Sylvia is a proud member of the Clipped B’s (former Braniff flight attendants).

For the last 20+ years Sylvia has studied the school of Ikenobo (Japanese flower arranging) and was president of the Ikebana International during their 50th anniversary.

Mark and Sylvia became members of the TCC in 2011. “TCC has given purpose to our trips.” At this point Sylvia has traveled to 185 TCC countries and territories ,and Mark has traveled to 172. When they are not traveling, Mark and Sylvia enjoy ballroom and tango dancing — belonging to two dance clubs.

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