Report From the September 2021 Pennsylvania Chapter Meeting


The Pennsylvania TCC Chapter held its final meeting of 2021 IN PERSON AND INDOORS on Sunday, Sept. 26, at White Yak restaurant, specializing in Tibetan cuisine. As the group dined on momo (Tibetan dumplings), fried rice, bone broth, beef with scallions, potato noodles with chilies, plus chicken and beef satay with rose and Cabernet to accompany.

The group heard from Dr. Meredith Small of Cornell, a renowned anthropologist and author of Inventing the World. She spoke about the numerous inventions of the Venetians, including sunglasses, pawn shops, government bonds, and everyone’s favorite, quarantine.

Looking ahead to 2022, our schedule will be:

  • Sunday, Jan. 30: Sophie’s Kitchen, Cambodian cuisine
  • Sunday, May 22: Hadramount, Yemeni cuisine
  • Sunday, Sept. 25: Ralph’s, America’s oldest Italian restaurant.

All meetings begin promptly at 5 p.m.

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