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Jonathan Finney, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Being a member is larger check mark in this life and what we have been living for. On my 30th birthday, I embarked
on my first solo trip across Western Europe. Eureka! Ever since, my life changed completely.

My mother is from Venezuela, a place I visited many times as a child. I’m now starting to make plans to visit family members in the country. There’s a lot of noise regarding the news about Venezuela, but we may not really get a real grasp on what is going on the ground there without going there.

Isla Steinberg, Toronto, Canada

I have been to 110 TCC countries. During the pandemic, my business as a travel agent slowed to a halt and I decided to join TCC to be surrounded by passionate, exciting and knowledgeable people who eagerly share their knowledge of travel.

I hope to have the opportunity in the near future to travel to West Africa and Madagascar. Unfortunately my trip to Ethiopia was cancelled due to the pandemic, and with the unrest in the country now, I wonder when I’ll ever be
able to visit.Timing is everything in travel.

Guillermo Blugerman, M.D., Buenos Aires, Argentina

Following a long period without traveling, my wife Monica Bluvstein and I restarted our route in our own country, visiting Mendoza and the Missiones provinces.

We then spent 50 days visiting Georgia and Ukraine. I found the original village where my ancestor was a shoemaker for 20 years in 1810, and his name inscribed on a painting of the Shtetl Malaya Seydemenukha museum near Kherson.

Even the inconveniences of traveling du ing the pandemic, it is still beautiful to see new landscapes and cultures.

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