June 25 Zoom Meeting Scheduled for Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana TCC Members

Dear Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana TCC Members,

We’ll be hosting a TCC TX/OK/LA call on Saturday, June 25, at 1pm Central Time.

While visiting with friends, it was suggested that we have a Zoom program starting with the letter “A” and asking you, the members, to send us a picture(s) of a country, city, etc., which starts with an A. During our program, we will show your picture(s) and you can tell the story behind it. Please email your pictures to me at this email. We look forward to catching up with you!

Below is the recorded Saudi Arabia/Bahrain program from early May. For those of you who were traveling, this will give you a chance to view it at your leisure. We apologize for the last 3 minutes of the recording as our mouse froze. It seemed like an hour!

May Meeting Video
Access Passcode: 6CXdj^?w

Dr. John Schmidt (Austin) was watching Saturday’s TCC program and sent a suggestion to invite members to each submit up to two or three favorites of travel-related books, movies, etc. with (author/director, original date) to start to compose a list of TCC TX/OK/LA Member Favorites. He suggested that we give our name/city and accompany each title with 2-3 sentences-giving a mini general idea about the book’s type, if relevant )non-fiction, history, etc.) and why it’s a favorite of theirs.

To start, I would like to share a favorite of mine: Chasing 193: The quest to visit Every Country in the World by Ryan Trapp and Lee Abbamonte, or Vol II Chasing 193 by Ryan Trapp and Henrik Jeppesen. The same questions are asked of people who have visited all 193 U.N. countries. Their answers are fascinating.

TCC Headquarters has been hosting excellent monthly calls with great speakers. We hope you’ve been able to join. If not, they are recorded and available on the Web site.

May your next trip be the best ever!

Sylvia and Mark Russell
Texas Chapter Coordinators

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