Kansas City Chapter Presentation on ‘Haircuts Around the World’

John Dranchak shows off his new haircut in Zanzibar with his “barber” Pineapple.

John Dranchak was the presenter, and quite the story teller, at the Kansas City luncheon. Talking about one of his “haircuts around the world,” John was walking down the street in Zanzibar where four young men started accompanying him. Eager to assist John in any way, no doubt interested in some kind of pay day, they became more persistent the more he told the young men he was not interested in their help. In desperation, John suggested he could use a haircut and the boys led him to a barbershop. John was surprised to find no barber present at the shop they found but Pineapple, the boys leader, said he was in fact a barber. John sat down and allowed him to go to work.

It wasn’t too long before John realized that Pineapple was not a barber, and that he was high on some kind of drug. John’s haircut was so poor, that later when he met his wife, she insisted he looked so pathetic that only a total shave of his head was required. John’s mantra became, “It will always grow back!”

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