Report From the Mediterranean Chapter Meeting in Valencia

TCC Med members listen with awe to Dámaso de Lario’s presentation of the Haklyut Society.

An online meeting kicked off the year to introduce new members and discuss upcoming 2022 and 2023 activities. In addition to meeting in Llívia this coming October, finalists for the 2023 chapter meeting were narrowed down to Boniface Strait, Beirut and Algiers. Chapter members will vote next quarter.

Chapter coordinator Francesc Borrull reports: “In an effort to unite all Spanish travelers within our chapter, a meeting outside of Catalonia convened for the first time in the city of Valencia.”

Twenty-two members gathered, which included our hosts from Valencia, Italy and Taiwan. Chapter members were pleased to unite with TCC members from Madrid and Bilbao who shared long conversations about traveling while tasting some magnificent paellas, the traditional dish of the region.

A presentation was made by Dámaso de Lario, the current Spanish representative of the Haklyut Society. Also the former Spanish ambassador to Indonesia, Singapore and East Timor, Dámaso shared that the purpose of this nonprofit organization is the publication of old travel books such as the memories of Ibn Battuta or navigation diaries of famous navigators such as Cook or Malespina.

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