From Our Newest Members: Andy Hicks, Denver, Colorado

Andy at the lakes of Band-e-Amir in Afghanistan during his October 2020 visit

My DNA was forever changed when my friend Kelli and I stepped off a tired DC-10 in Brussels in 1997. Our first time leaving the country, embarking on a multi-week backpacking trip on a shoestring budget filled us with anxiety. All worries were quickly forgotten the moment we caught our first glimpse of the canals of Brugges. I knew then that travel was my true love and passion.

Years later, my schedule has become more flexible and it has allowed me to recently clock past 100 TCC countries! My personal goal is to complete the UN list by the age of 50, and maybe the TCC list before 60. One can dream.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know TCC members face to face at local chapter meetings. It’s affirming and downright entertaining to have dinner and drinks with folks who happily converse about singing karaoke in the basement of the Koryo Hotel or eating ice cream in Kabul in the same manner others might talk about going to a baseball game.

I am optimistic that this great hobby of ours will be embraced by a whole new generation.

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