December 2022 Photo Contest Winner: Steve Owad-Jones, Calgary, Canada

Congratulations Steve! With almost 50 photos to choose from, yours received the highest rating among members. You’ve not only brought honor to the Canada chapter, but you have won a year of free dues for yourself. Thanks to everybody who submitted their wonderful “Lakeshore” theme photos for the December contest. They can still be seen and commented on by visiting

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Photo: Steve Owad-Jones

Moraine Lake is one of the jewels of the Canadian Rockies. This view is so popular that it was featured on the Canadian $20 note from 1969-1979. Arrive predawn as morning light is key to capturing the iconic turquoise hues. A windless day enabled mirror-like conditions. Members visiting the 2023 TCC Calgary Stampede regional event should seize the opportunity and take a canoe onto the lake for a near-transcendental experience.


Steve Owad-Jones, Calgary, Canada

Photo: Steve Owad-Jomes

A very rare view of Upper Kananaskis Lake in October. We had some lovely weather for this time of year and decided to camp nearby. Arriving at the lake to start a hike, we were greeted by this jaw dropping vista. Inukshuks got there first!

Ed Hotchkiss, New York, New York

Photo: Ed Hotchkiss

In May 2021, Jackson Lake was partially frozen and very still, providing dramatic reflections of the Grand Teton Range in Wyoming. It’s one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the U.S. at 2,064 meters (6,772 feet) above sea level.

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