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Members (l-r) David Yang, Gina Morello, past-president Pamela Barrus, Wendy Arbeit land on Pitcairn in 2022.


Susan Rosenberry became the coordinator of the Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia TCC chapter when Hugh Randall left for the Southwest chapter.

Growing up in Ohio and Pennsylvania, I would help my father plan family road trips every summer. Requesting travel brochures from each state, these were organized into shoe boxes in my closet. This fueled my travel addiction and eventual passion for cruising; my first cruise was to Bermuda from New York in 1980. From then on my motto was “have passport will travel!”

Answering the siren call of travel in the early 1990s, I started a business focus on cruise group tours. My husband joined me and together, we built a successful business that combined our mutual love for travel with the shared joy with customers who would not have embarked on more far-flung adventures on their own. We organized trips and traveled to all seven continents.

My husband and I retired during COVID-19 and now have more time to travel the world and make new friends. My TCC travel account now stands at 132, and I’m currently on a trip to Southeast Asia where
that number will surely grow.

I jumped at the opportunity to become the coordinator of the Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia TCC Chapter when Hugh Randall left for the Southwest chapter. I look forward to encouraging members to share experiences amongst themselves.


After more than three years on the board, Stefan Krasowski has decided not to renew his term. Stefan had many IT-focused accomplish- ments which included the “Facebook Be-Live” interviews during COVID-19, the “TCC on WhatsApp” thread and the addition of Pollunit software to manage and revitalize our photo contest. We thank Stefan for his contributions as we continue to benefit from many of them.

The Board also thanks outgoing board member and past-president Tim Skeet who has requested to “take a sabbatical” from the board after almost eight years. Tim helped transition the club from a brick-and-mortar operation in 2016 to the virtual setup we know today, and he became the creative force behind revitalizing the international club conferences — Malta’s May 2022 event remains the Club’s largest-ever attended, with 120 members. Tim has committed to stay on as Centurian editor along with the support of past-president Pam Barrus.

Thanks Stefan and Tim (and Pam)!


Flanked by Norwegian members Bjørn Watne (l) and Christopher Thorjussen (r), New York co-coordinator Cathy Shelton celebrates her 100th country and 2023 in Dubai.

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