Chicago Circumnavigators Club Members Joined the Illinois TCC Chapter in August for a Sizzling Backyard BBQ

The Chicago Area TCC Chapter held a joint dinner meeting with the Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club on Thursday, Aug. 24. The meeting was held in the backyard of dual members Melanie and Dan Peterson, in Glenview, Illinois, as a backyard BBQ. Forty people braved some very hot temperatures that day (topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit earlier) to share travel stories and meet some new friends. Many brought their favorite travel dishes to share, as well as some great wine and other beverages. The menu included dishes and drinks from Argentina, France, Greece, Morocco, New Zealand, Thailand, the USA, and more. 20 TCC members and 13 Circumnavigators Club members attended (including five dual members), and a dozen guests, with folks traveling to the event from New York, Washington DC, St Louis, Kansas City, and even Thailand! After dinner, folks shared stories of their recent and planned travel destinations. Special thanks for coordinator Charles Merkel for planning the event, and Melanie and Dan for hosting it.

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