September 2023 Photo Contest Winner: Amanda Davis, St. Pete Beach, Florida

Congratulations to Amanda! With almost 50 photos to choose from, yours received the highest rating among members. You’ve not only brought honor to the Southwest Florida Chapter, but you have won a year of free dues for yourself. Thanks to everybody who submitted their wonderful “roads” theme photos for the September contest. They can still be seen and commented on by visiting

The theme for our September 2023 contest is “Roads.” Click for contest details »

Photo: Amanda Davis

The Dark Hedges in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, is a tree tunnel formed by beech trees planted in the 18th century. This atmospheric road is rumored to be haunted the Grey Lady — the spirit of a local housemaid who died in suspicious circumstances. Today the road is famous as the filming location for the King’s Road in The Game of Drones television series and is a popular stop on many tours. I took this photo early morning around 6 a.m., a time that allowed me to avoid other people … and the Grey Lady.


John Banogon, Pearl River, New York

Photo: John Banogon

The “Avenue of the Baobabs” is known as the most beautiful road in Madagascar. However, most men and women walk up and down this road rather than drive their cars. It was humbling to witness the long walks that these people took, barefoot in many cases, to sell their goods at the market.

Jacobo Vilella, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is paradise on Earth. Following a rainy day, the morning yields a thin layer of water. Backed with the white salt base it reflects the light providing an infinite mirror landscape. If you achieve this perfect “photo op,” then climb onto the roof of your 4WD and get someone to drive it. Enjoy sailing the sky!

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