October 2023 United Kingdom Chapter Report

TCC members and guests, TCC UK and Ireland meeting, Doggett’s Coat & Badge, 29th October 2023

The TCC UK and Ireland held our autumn meeting at Doggett’s Coat & Badge, with 27 members and guests in attendance. We were pleased to be able to welcome first time attendees, new TCC members, and long-time devotees, who traveled from the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Canada, and Denmark.

Certificates were presented to Richard Bakos for achieving travel to 100 countries, and a very belated presentation to Peter Bancroft for his achievement of reaching 150 countries.

Luke Lowsley-Williams, great nephew of Colin McCorquodale gave a short talk about work and travel as a young adult, giving insight into the next generation of TCC members. We also had general travel discussions, comments and questions from all members who wished to speak.

Richard Bakos and Peter Bancroft received member status awards at the October 2023 gathering; at right, Luke Lowsley-Williams gave a short talk about work and travel as a young adult.

Our pub quiz returned, with the usual mix of travel themes. Congratulations to the winners, The Sociables, Team members: David Langan, Per Besson, Richard Elliott, Steve Owad-Jones and Dianne Owad-Jones.

Donna Marsh, TCC UK and Ireland Chapter Coordinator
Left to right: David Langan, Per Besson, Richard Elliott, Dianne Owad-Jones, Steve Owad-Jones. Quiz team The Sociables.
Left to right: Alex Waring, Richard Bakos, Richard’s mother, Peter Bancroft, Daniel Tholander
Left to right: Carl Gorton, Olaf Horstick, James Finnerty, Colin McCorquodale, Luke Lowsley-Williams
Left to right: Naomi Morgan, Roberta Roulstone, Ges Roulstone, Stuart Morgan, Chris Kohut, Iain Grist
Left to right: Richard Paget, Stephanie Paget, Trevor French, Helen Mason, Richard Oliver

The next TCC UK and Ireland Chapter meeting will be in April or May 2024, with the date to be announced in due course. We hope to see you there.

Best regards,

Donna Marsh
Travelers’ Century Club
Area Coordinator, United Kingdom

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