Crossing Paths: TCC Encounters Around the Globe

Left to right: Wanda Ross, JoAnn Schwartz, and Naomi and Stuart Morgan overlook the Darvaza gas crater in Turkmenistan.

By JoAnn Schwartz
TCC Board Member and Secretary

The TCC has about 1,600 members out exploring the world. This means at any point in time, chances are your travels have probably crossed paths with some of them. My travels this fall took me on tours to the five Stans, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. On all the tours, I traveled with another member of the club. The happy surprise was running into at least one additional TCC member on each of the tours!

If you are interested in being more connected with other members and where their travels are taking them, ou might like to join the club’s WhatsApp or Facebook groups. If so, send an email to and we will pull you in!

TCC members traveling together (left to right): Maxine MacDonald, Wanda Ross and JoAnn Schwartz enjoy the view in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
JoAnn Schwartz is with: Bonnie Burns (left) and Krista Allen (right) in Syria; in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Jason Muccino (left) Wanda Ross (center).
Traveling together as a small group through Libya, (left to right): Melanie Thomas-Armstrong and Nico Coratella pose in front of the Mediterranean Sea; sitting down at the Yeltsin Bar in Kaliningrad, Phillips Connor (left) and David Yang (right) catch up.

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