Presentation on World Expos Planned for March 2024 Sarasota Chapter Luncheon

The Southwest Florida (Sarasota) TCC Chapter will have a lunch meeting on Friday, March 15, at noon. There will be a presentation on “Global Gatherings: World Expos” by members Larry and Rosanne Francis. Larry and Rosanne have been to many World Expos, including the previous Expo held in Osaka, Japan. They will be sharing the ins and outs of World Expos and highlights from the most recent Expo in Dubai.

This presentation is timely, as in just over one year, in April 2025 the next World Expo in Osaka, Japan, will begin. Many of our members are planning to or are considering attending, and this will kick off that discussion. There has been talk of a coordinated meetup, although Expo staff has not provided any method for group pavilion visits yet.

Please inquire for more details or RSVP for this meeting with Amanda at

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