Summer 2024 Pacific Northwest Chapter Update

Six members and one spouse from the Pacific Northwest TCC Chapter attended the international conference in the Azores, and three were awarded new status awards: David Yang at Diamond with 300 countries, his wife Jie Hu was awarded Silver at 150, along with Cindy Shurtleff receiving the Silver Award with 150 countries. The well-organized and well-executed conference had member and guest speakers, sightseeing around Sao Miguel Island, and plenty of time for socializing with other members.

Shortly after the conference, a gathering was held on June 9th in North Vancouver BC at the home of Danielle Bretton. Members and guests were invited to a pool party, including a travel trivia game, with refrigerator magnets from Danielle’s extensive collection awarded for the winning answers. Members came from as far as Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and Vancouver BC. Danielle and Cindy were recognized with their newly achieved silver status at 300 countries. Thank you to Danielle for hosting a very fun and lively get-together.

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Cindy Shurtleff
Pacific Northwest (Seattle) Chapter Coordinator



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