Georgia Chapter Updates

April 2023 Updates From the Georgia TCC Chapter

It was great to see everyone at The Orient in April! We enjoyed a Chinese lunch while sharing favorite travel tips and tricks.

Special guests included TCC member Wilma Drummond from Oklahoma, and Chapter Co-Coordinator Paige Bequet‘s daughter, Brigitte, visiting from New York.

Travel Tips From the Georgia TCC Chapter

For those who couldn’t join us, here is a list of tips shared during lunch:

  • Save locations and create lists in Google Maps to help plan your daily itinerary
  • Carry a doorstop
  • Repurpose a shower cap for a shoe bag
  • Ask questions of multiple tour companies when planning a trip — go with the best response
  • Visit Sedona!
  • When you see something you like, get it!
  • House sitting or house exchange jobs are a great way to travel inexpensively.
  • Link together nearby countries, but always leave enough buffer in your itinerary to see things that are a “must” — just in case of the unexpected!
  • Always travel with imodium!
  • Fanny pack is the best thing to carry (this had multiple votes!)
  • Cruise ship walls are magnetic — use magnets to hang stuff like shoe bags, or even a shower curtain to create a room divider.
  • Carry a portable carbon monoxide detector.
  • If you’re nervous about street food, sign up for a proper street food tour.
  • Get chocolate at duty free for airline crew — it will be appreciated.
  • When you use your smart phone for directions, double check the address so you don’t wind up in the wrong city.
  • Google Translate is really helpful — especially camera translations of signs in Japan.
  • Always select local currency (not USD) when charging to credit card to avoid extra exchange fees.
  • Lychee is the best flavor of Korean Soju.
  • Carry $2 bills to Vietnam — merchants are more likely to sell for less if you pay with a $2 bill.
  • Work or teach at a foreign school to learn the language.
  • Take the time to be with locals — learn to say hello in the native language, learn mahjong if visiting China, etc.
  • Watch for quick, sneaky money switching to rip you off.
  • If traveling somewhere at high altitude, spend time somewhere with a little lower altitude first to prevent sickness.

Drake Anderson
Paige Becquet
TCC Georgia Chapter Coordinators

Update From the Atlanta-Area TCC Chapter

We would like everyone to save the date for our next lunch meeting on Saturday, April 29. Please let us know if you can make it by emailing your RSVP to We will follow up with more details, including time and place, around two weeks prior. We had a great time at our January… Read more »

January 2023 Georgia Chapter Update

The Atlanta-area TCC Chapter held their first meeting of 2023 on Saturday, Jan. 28, at WIN – Taste of Bali, an Indonesian restaurant in Atlanta. Members and guests shared top “wow” moments from their travels while enjoying rijsttafel and other traditional Indonesian cuisine. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, April 29. Read more »