Kansas City Chapter Updates

Kansas City Chapter June Meeting Report

The Kansas City TCC Chapter had a noteworthy gathering on Saturday, June 24. The club was able to give special recognition to two of our most esteemed local chapter members, Audrey Walsworth and Ray Woods, for their achievement of visiting all 330 TCC destinations.

St. Louis Chapter Coordinator Charles Merkel arranged the program of having Mike VanPelt, a manufacturer of a multipurpose vehicles, display a vehicle he used on a 120-day tour of South America.

Recognition was also given to Bonnie Burns for her visits to 200 destinations, and to Henna Fuller for visiting 150.

The trivia question of the day was: In 1519 when the Magellan expedition circled the world, two of the largest churches in Europe were in London and Rome. Where was the third? Sevilla, Kansas City’s sister city, was answered by guest speaker Mike VanPelt.


December 2022 Kansas City Chapter Meeting Report

The Kansas City chapter had a Christmas party at the home of Bonnie Burns. Members recounted their best “WOW” moments while traveling. David Battey might have related the most humorous by recounting the time he coaxed his elderly father onto an outdated high-altitude amusement park ride in Pyongyang North Korea. Read more »