Eastern Canada Chapter Updates

Report From the April 2017 Eastern Canada Chapter Gathering

A successful April 2017 gathering of the Eastern Canada Chapter in Toronto

Hello World Travelers,

I am happy to report that our distinguished featured speaker, Colin Stevenson, treated us to a magnificent presentation as he took us around the world exploring his theme: “Our Changing World: When is Change a Positive Force? When is it Not?”

Feature speaker Colin Stevenson thanked by Philip Tanner

With photos from his travels, Colin examined exciting new feats of engineering (e.g. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Shanghai).

He also showed us examples of memorials left from the ravages of war (e.g. Kaiser Wilhelm Church in Berlin and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial). “Before and after” photos of urban and historical sites effected by natural disasters (e.g. Christchurch New Zealand earthquake).

Colin also featured “before and after” looks at the effects of war on cities like Aleppo, Syria, and Sarajevo. Fascinating stuff which we thank Colin for sharing.

Via our usual interactive feature, members shared “memorable plane trips.” Some great stories were told, including:

  • David’s Mayan Air flight in Belize where a pilot’s erratic flying was due to “dodging vultures.”
  • Bob’s flight in the 1960s in Laos in a square plane
  • b’s flight in Mogadishu, Somalia, where there was a bullet hole in the fuselage where a passenger had been shot dead the day before (he asked to change seats!)
  • Marnie’s bomb scare flight
  • Jason’s viewing of a husband and wife in a full-scale brawl on board a flight in Turkey
  • Neil’s ultimate “milk run” flight in China

Jason Globerman was enthusiastically welcomed as a new TCC member.

Our next Eastern Canada TCC meeting is scheduled for Sept. 16, when we will have Karim Ladak, author of The Cosmopolitan Nomad, A Globetrotter’s Journey as our feature speaker. More details on this at a later date.

Til then, wishing you wonderful travels,

Rick Shaver, Eastern Canada Chapter Coordinator

Eastern Canada Chapter Coordinator Rick Shaver with new member Jason Globerman

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