West Florida (Sarasota) Chapter Updates

West Florida (Sarasota) Chapter Seeks New Chapter Coordinator & Considers Revised Meeting Format

The Sarasota TCC Chapter will have its next meeting on Thursday, June 8.

This meeting will be special in that we’ll be discussing recommendations regarding a change in the format of future meetings. The format under consideration is a more structured meeting with an agenda and formal presentations. This would require additional responsibilities on who is organizing and managing future meetings.

While this change will be discussed at our meeting, we would like to have input from those who will be unable to attend the June 8 meeting. Please email me your thoughts by May 15.

Finally, I plan on stepping down as the coordinator. I inherited this responsibility from my wife, Lillian. However, I plan on moving and leaving University Park Country Club in the not too distant future, and I would like someone to come forward to accept this role – I will gladly assist in the transition.

I believe we have a wonderful group of travelers attending our meetings – people who have travelled extensively and gladly sharing their experiences with attendees. We have learned where to go and what to expect and I hope that this comradery continues.

Please let me know by May 15 if you plan on attending.

Neil O’Leary

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