A Hearty Welcome to New TCC Members

The Travelers’ Century Club is pleased to welcome the following new members to the club:

Ali, Saleem
Bates, Louise E.
Brodzinski, Frederick
Brodzinski, Natalia
Chang, Deborah
Coleman, Adrianne
Coleman, Jon
Colli, Ilario
Collins, Cynthia M.
Collins, Robert E.
Cozzolino, Andrew M.
Crum, Travis
Darata, Darlene
Francis, Larry
Francis, Rosanne
Goldman, Aron
Gunnemann, Dirk Wilhelm
Hales, Kris
Henderson, John
Klinkhoff, Jonathan Brown
Kontsevoi, Boris
Krajčová, Sylvia
Łazaruk, Paweł
Lulovič, Tomáš
McDevitt, Sean
Moore, J.A.
Narins, Olivia
Narins, Peter
Oliviero, Hugo
Oswald, Kevin D.
Robbins, Kathy
Staschik, Till Valentin
Tuckey, Bryan
Tuckey, Susan
Viveiros, Claudia
Woods, Wayne

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