A Hearty Welcome to New TCC Members

The Travelers’ Century Club is pleased to welcome the following new members to the club:

Mary E Azevedo
Norman Azevedo
Gray Bauer
Marv Bauer
Luca Bracali
Melissa Biggs Bradley
Olivia Carter-Pokras
Elaine Christian
Tin Sien (Philip) Chua
Gail Counsel
Jon Edwards
Lynette Elliott
Patricia Eileen Finney
Christine Geosling
Marie Giovanelli
John M Hamot
Kim Meredith Holmes
Charles Hurd
Paul M Kanitra
Michelle Lamphere
Ismail Lena
Gus Lopez
John M McNeel
Daisy Mitchell
Shane Mitchell
Chris Myers
Louis Newman
Michael Noel
Lidia R Owens
Bob Payne
Michele Pockross
Nella Rannazzisi
Nat B Read
Gary Reeves
Elvis Ricardo
Kevin Riha
Cathy Roach
Robin E Rowand
Trevor Sanderson
Volker Sayer
Dan Schlager
Emilio Scotto
Les Skeet
Susan A Spiegel
Dennis Stuart
Gwendolyn GiGi Sutton
Nancy Title
M Elise Tokumasu de Silva
John M Wetherington
Johanna Wetmore
Deedee White
Michael G Wood
Martin Zahuranec
Robert Zirgulisi

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