Chapter Coordinator Notes: Southeast Florida (Miami) Coordinator Anush Dawidjan and U.K. Coordinator Donna Marsh

Meet Southeast Florida (Miami) Chapter Coordinator Anush Dawidjan

Chapter Coordinator Anush Dawidjan

I joined the TCC in 2006 while living in Hong Kong. When I moved back to the United States twelve years ago, I adopted a snowbird lifestyle and have been an active member of the Southeast Florida and New England TCC chapters. Having visited all 193 United Nations member countries, I am diamond status in the TCC with country count of 301. I was fortunate to be selected as a “Member Spotlight” in the March 2022 issue of The Centurian, where more of my story can be read. Here’s a link to the article »

I do wish to express my sincere appreciation to Jan Novar who was the Southeast Florida chapter coordinator for twenty years. Thank you, Jan!

A Message From the Editor: Kudos for U.K. Coordinator Donna Marsh

The Centurian is not a solo effort. The support of United Kingdom Chapter Coordinator and quiz master Donna Marsh is incredibly appreciated. Donna evaluates answers to the “Just for Fun” puzzles and provides exceptional guidance. Thanks, Donna!

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