Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Chapter Updates

Equestrian Setting Planned for September 2022 Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky Chapter Gathering

The Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky TCC Chapter at Divvy’s restaurant

The Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky TCC Chapter met in Carmel, Indiana, at Divvy’s restaurant. Carmel’s economic development officer Nancy Heck explained how the community transformed from an ordinary suburb into one of the most livable and walkable cities in the United States. Member and Carmel resident Tom Dapp coordinated an enlightening and enjoyable spring afternoon meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, Sept. 24, at a horse farm in Paris, Kentucky. The topic will be “Living and Traveling in the Middle East,” by Dr. Denise Gifford.

Update From the Heartland: Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky TCC Chapter News

Heartland members met for a luncheon on Dec. 11, 2021, at the historic Louisville Boat Club in Kentucky. In addition to introducing our northern friends to some Burgoo, Benedictine, the famous Hot Brown, we learned about the history of the club. Dr. David Keeling then gave a wonderful presentation on Gauguin’s French Polynesia. Join us… Continue Reading