Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Chapter Updates

Report From the April 2021 Virtual Meeting of the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio TCC Chapter

A dozen people gathered online for the April 2021 virtual meeting of the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio TCC Chapter. The group was evenly divided among all three states, with four from Ohio, four from Indiana and four from Kentucky. Bernard Strenecky lead the discussion.

It was decided we will have three meetings a year: September, February and April. At least one of the meetings will be in person, and that the best time is noon on Saturday. Zoom will be available for members who cannot attend in person. A meal will be included in the meeting, and the price will be between $15 and $20 per person.

The meeting format will include lunch, speaker, travel discussion period and a bonus time after the meeting. Anyone wishing to arrange a particular point of interest (such as Kentucky Derby museum if in Louisville) will make it available for all who wish to attend.

The first in-person meeting will be on Saturday, Sept. 18, in Lebanon, Ohio, at the Golden Lamb Hotel. Bonus time will feature a historical tour of the Golden Lamb Hotel, which was built in 1803. Further details will follow.

Fall 2020 Indiana Chapter Meeting via Zoom

New coordinators Bernie and Eileen Strenecky featured Louisville native Stacie Scott, who led a presentation on her time in Mozambique as a community health services promoter with the Peace Corps. Stacies’s passion is international public health, and with no opportunity to return to Mozambique, she is now pursuing her Master of Health Science in Global… Continue Reading

Report From the November 2019 Indiana Chapter Meeting

The Indiana TCC Chapter had an outstanding meeting on Saturday, Nov. 9. The activities began with an enjoyable reception and lunch, during which time the members exchanged travel stories and anecdotes. After a fine lunch, we heard and saw an excellent presentation by Denny Grandl. His topic was, Vanishing Cultures: The Hill Tribes of Far… Continue Reading