New England Chapter Updates

Report From the New England Chapter’s September 2020 Virtual Gathering

The New England TCC Chapter had a wonderful virtual coffee meeting on Sept. 12 with members and friends from inside and outside of the region. Dr. Douglas Layton, one of the premiere experts on Iraq, especially Iraqi Kurdistan, joined us and shared a very insightful and inspiring presentation. More can be found on Dr. Layton through his Wikipedia page.

In addition to members and friends of the TCC New England Chapter, Jerry Allen, Coordinator for the Texas and Oklahoma Chapter, joined us, along with members from the TCC Chapter in Florida. Jorge Serpa, one of our newest TCC New England Chapter members and his wife, U.S. Ambassador to the Central African Republic, Lucy Tamlyn, also joined us, along with new member, Bo Warren.

November 2018 New England Chapter Meeting Was Festive — and Fashionable!

I am happy to inform you of our wonderful “Wear the World Dinner”at the Helmand Restaurant (owned by 12th President of Afghanistan, Dr. Hamid Karzai’s son) in Cambridge, Mass., on Nov. 30. Everyone wore something special from one (or more) of their favorite destinations and shared about it over some of the best Afghan food… Read more »