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  • Eastern Canada Area Coordinator Profiled in Automobile Association Magazine

    The Spring 2011 issue of CAA Magazine, a widely circulated publication of the Canadian Automobile Association, features a brief profile of Eastern Canada Area Coordinator Rick Shaver. The magazine article and complementary coverage on the CAA Web site highlight Rick’s extensive travels and the founding of the new Canadian TCC group. Click here to view…

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  • Sarasota-Area TCC Members Enjoy February 2011 Luncheon

    Lillian O’Leary, Area Coordinator, reports that the February 25 luncheon was at the University Park Country Club. New attendees Bill and Bonnie Howard provided tales of their travels. He has been to over 160 countries and has traveled widely in Africa. Other attendees compared notes with their travels to that continent. Lillian and Neil O’Leary…

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  • A Message From the Chairman

    Special thanks to our Area Coordinators for a successful 2010 season. Renewal invoices for 2011 dues were mailed in early January. Dues have increased and you have a choice of receiving Info Files by mail or you can download them for free. If you are a Life Member, please complete the dues invoice with your…

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  • Speakers At Southern California TCC Meetings

    TCC Chairman Klaus Billep announces the speakers at future meetings. TCC Board Member Gloria McCoy and husband, Charles, will give a presentation on their travels to Iran at the March 12 meeting in Newport Beach. A question-and-answer period will follow the 20-minute presentation. Bill Altaffer will give a presentation on Central Asia at the June…

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  • A Message From the President

    In January, a vote was held to determine if the southern 10 states of Sudan wanted to secede and form a new nation. As you are probably aware, the north of Sudan is predominantly Muslim, while the south is either Christian or animist. The vote was approximately 96% in favor of secession. In December, my…

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  • Small Increase in Annual Dues to Cover Rising Administrative Costs

    In January you received your renewal dues invoice for 2011 which reflected a small increase. This was necessary because of rising costs of postage, printing, record-keeping, salaries and overhead office expenses. We have over 2,000 members and the number keeps growing as more people achieve visits to 100 countries. In our covering letter, we explained…

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  • Flannigans Host 14th Meeting of Chicago-Area TCC Members


    Area Coordinator Tom Flannigan, and his wife, Ellen, hosted Chicago’s 14th meeting at their home in Winnetka on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

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