Chapter Updates

  • Report From the April 2024 Canada Chapter Meeting

    The Canada Chapter had great attendance for our April 20 meeting in Toronto, with 15 members in attendance and 14 tuning in virtually on Zoom.

    We warmly welcomed Hanka Stratman as a new member.

    Vicki Russell gave us an interesting report on Sherri Donovan’s TCC members trip to Senegal.

    Thank you, Colin and Carol Stevenson, for providing some wonderful perspectives on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    It was so interesting to hear about the dramatic changes that have occurred recently as Saudi looks to shift status of being the “hermit kingdom of the Middle East” to the top tourist destination in the Middle East by 2030. Their ambition is to have 10% of their GNP come from tourism, which is beyond lofty but perhaps achievable given the resources they will throw at this goal.

    Carol provided some amusing anecdotes on what it was like to travel as a solo woman in Saudi Arabia, while Colin was able to contrast how the county has changed at warp speed between his first visit in 2019 and his most recent trip there in 2023.

    Our next meetings will be on Sept. 14 and Dec. 7.

    I look  forward to seeing many of you at the “Canuck cocktail party” at the TCC Global meeting in the Azores in May.

    Warm regards,

    Rick Shaver
    TCC Canada Chapter Coordinator


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