Charter Chapter Updates

An Update on the September 2020 Charter Chapter Meeting

Our next quarterly meeting of the TCC Charter Chapter (Los Angeles/Orange County), scheduled to be held on Saturday, Sept. 12, at the Newport Beach Yacht Club, HAS BEEN CANCELED.

At this time, local venue limitations and current COVID-19 restrictions in California and Orange County are not allowing indoor dining or large group events. ONLY if we met outdoors would this luncheon even be possible. Unfortunately, that would significantly reduce the allowed capacity of our event, while also requiring attendees to sit with or near others not of their own household.

Due to these circumstances and the unlikelihood of positive changes any time soon, we are canceling this event for our members’ safety and sense of security.

At this time, do NOT send any payment for lunch and do NOT call the yacht club. All inquiries should be directed to Charter Chapter Coordinator Michael Sholer at or (818) 502-1988.

Dates for 2020 Charter Chapter Meetings

Usually our Charter Chapter meetings alternate between sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties on the second Saturday of each quarter. Our subsequent 2020 meetings will be in Orange County on Sept. 12 and in Los Angeles County on Dec. 12. Continue Reading