Local Chapters

The Travelers’ Century Club is headquartered in Southern California, with local chapters in the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Contact the Area Coordinators below for information about local events and activities organized for TCC members and their guests. Click on the chapter headings to view recent updates and announcements.

United States

Charter Chapter (Southern California)
Michael Sholer
Tel: (818) 502-1988
E-mail: mgsholer@att.net

Arizona (Phoenix)
E-mail: info@travelerscenturyclub.org

Dr. Steven Clift
Tel: (501) 681-0351
E-mail: stevenclift@hotmail.com

Dr. Kelly Thomas
Tel: (617) 596-5840
E-mail: travelerscenturyatlanta@gmail.com

Phyllis McGuire
Tel: (303) 462-1637
E-mail: pmcguire29@comcast.net

R. David van Treuren
Tel: (303) 856-3639
E-mail: rdvant1@gmail.com

Illinois (Chicago)
Thomas Flannigan
Tel: (312) 236-9335
E-mail: passport@prodigy.net

Indiana (Indianapolis)
Frank Basile
Tel: (317) 578-3585
E-mail: frank_basile@sbcglobal.net

Missouri (Kansas City)
Steven R. Fuller
Tel: (816) 471-7777
E-mail: sfuller712@gmail.com

Missouri (St. Louis)
Charles Merkel
Tel: (314) 644-7797
E-mail: tccstl@yahoo.com

New England (Boston)
David Santulli
Tel: (617) 292-7774.

New York
Ms. Lynn Margaret Simmons
Tel: (631) 669-2224
E-mail: NYTCC@aol.com

Northern California
Tim Carlson
Tel: (707) 433-7121
E-mail: timjeana@sbcglobal.net

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Jane Berryman
Tel: (215) 923-4343
E-mail: Jane.berryman1735@hushmail.com

Seattle Pacific Northwest
Cindy Shurtleff
Tel: (206) 325-9246
E-mail: cindy@shurtleff.org

Southeast Florida (Miami)
Ms. Jan Novar
Tel: (305) 251-9649
E-mail: jannovar@hotmail.com

Southern California (San Diego)
Gloria McCoy
Tel: (858) 454-9434
E-mail: gloriasmccoy@yahoo.com

Southwest Florida (Naples) (Inactive)
E-mail: info@travelerscenturyclub.org

Texas and Oklahoma
Paul Clites
Tel: (281) 732-7202
E-mail: tcctxok@gmail.com

Jerry Allen
Tel: (682) 556-1202
Email: jallentex@outlook.com

Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey Houle
Tel: (703) 627-1300
E-mail: tccwdc@gmail.com

West Florida (Sarasota)
Amanda Davis
Tel: (727) 342-0476
E-mail: amandatd@yahoo.com


Eastern Canada (Toronto)
Rick Shaver
Tel: (416) 923-3800, ext. 235
E-mail: RShaver@thehiveinc.com

Western Canada (Calgary)
Timothy Skeet
Tel: (403) 608-4500
E-mail: timskeet@shaw.ca


Central Europe
Armin Schreiner
Tel: +49-176-84849687 (Mobile)
E-mail: tapferes.schreinerlein@yahoo.de

Mediterranean (Tarragona, Spain)
Martin Garrido
Tel: +34 639 893736
E-mail: martingarrido@rambla88.com

United Kingdom
Donna Marsh
Tel: 07900 213355
E-mail: donna_marsh@hotmail.com